“What arises is a modification of the Light. It’s not like what appears to coalesce around you is somehow modified Light in the sense that it’s made into something other than what it is, it’s not that kind of modification. What you see is Light, what arrises is Light, it’s not a modification of anything, Light cannot be modified, it can’t be made into something else, even in fantasy, And that’s why it appears to age and die, because it is impossible. Light cannot be made into something other than what it is. It can’t be modified, it’s always already that. Nothing is missing, nothing stands in the way, it’s out in the open. Identify only with that, see nothing else, feel nothing else, accept nothing else. Only the Light is Real.”

On Becoming The God-Man

The Way and the Means by which to Transcend fear FOREVER. For those with Ears to Hear, the others will no doubt Hear It Somewhen Else. Start to finish to Receive the Full Transmission.

“Restoration of the Sonship is the only Goal of the Miracle Minded”. Think of It as a Living Demonstration and Out-Picturing of a (Time Transcending) Vehicle of Ascension. The form of the delivery is incidental, merely a copy/paste of the Universal Curriculum. What Matters is the Free Energy derived from the Perfect Giving and Perfect Receiving of Reality As It Always Already IS. Free Energy is a Miracle within the context of time/space, Indiscriminately Collapsing All the spirals simultaneously. This is experienced as the Ecstasy of Perfect Communication. It is This That is on Display for the benefit of One and All.

2012 Series

You either see the flesh or recognize the Spirit. And when you recognize the Spirit…you’re Flying.

Miracle Minutes

Awakening is effortless, absolutely effortless, it requires no effort on your part, not at all. It’s only submission, it’s only surrender. It’s like you get caught up in the flow of grace, that’s what happens when you surrender, nothing but that. All change is benevolent, all change is witnessed by you as a progression toward the eternal, so there is no confusion.

Physical Resurrection Series

Welcome to the transitional frequency, which marks the event of your awakening (your physical awakening), your transition from time/space to eternity (to the natural state).